Make sure you sign American Commitment’s petition to Tom Wheeler, the chairman of the FCC below—and tell him that the American people won’t stand for a federal takeover of the Internet. And we’ll send a copy of your petition to your Congressman too—just so that they know where their constituents stand in the fight to stop these crippling Internet regulations.

Dear Mr. Wheeler,

At every turn, the Congress and the Courts have told the Federal Communications Commission to cease and desist in its efforts to regulate the Internet. Rather than heed these warnings, the Commission is doubling down, threatening to place the most onerous regulations imaginable on the Internet, subjecting it to 1930s-style regulations meant for telephone monopolies. The Internet is not a monopoly or a public utility. The Internet is a massive network of networks that has arisen, not by government fiat, but through free, spontaneous arrangements by investors, engineers, businesses and the consumers they serve. The FCC should heed the sober warnings of the two branches of government that have instructed it to cease and desist in this reckless, destructive effort to regulate the Internet.